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Episode 30: Diagnostic Uncertainty – a patient perspective

July 27, 2017

We were privileged to speak to one of our patients, recently treated by our service, about her experience while her doctors struggled with diagnostic uncertainty.  The usual suspects were at play; uncommon diagnoses, uncommon presentations, cognitive biases, systems issues, etc.


  1. The Happy Prince says:

    This is by far your best episode. Fantastic patient involvement and perspective. Wonderful autopsy.

    Please stop playing yourselves down. You are both fantastic clinicians, and it gets tiring to hear you blame yourselves.

    Having said that…absent reflexes??!!

  2. Nicolas Szecket says:

    No need to apologize Justin- we wouldn’t have this great new website design without you! You have our sincerest thanks.


  3. Justin Sung says:

    Fixed that autoplay issue! Sorry about that.
    I find it an interesting idea that having a frank, retrospective discussion with the patients we deal with day in and day out are so rare that when I read the episode description I was a bit surprised. Or perhaps that’s just me.

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