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Episode 27: STC International with Casey Parker

July 26, 2017

Finally, our first STC International.  An interesting case from Broome, Western Australia.  Thanks Casey Parker.


  1. What a fascinating podcast series. Pity I only discovered it recently. Every time I listen to a new episode I can not wait for the next one.
    The latest case from Casey was mesmerising as just some four weeks earlier in fast track of my department I saw a 21 years old white Australian homosexual male in stable relationships, who attended with his partner. He had arthritis in his wrist. Turned out to be gonococcal arthritis. Think tigers and bears.
    Thank you again for fascinating podcast stores and, please, continue it.

  2. David Berger says:

    Great case everyone! I’m a colleague of Casey’s in Broome and the first patient I saw there was a ten year old Aboriginal girl from a remote community with Sydenham’s chorea. Definitely right to think of Zebras when they are commoner than horses.

    1. Nicolas Szecket says:

      Thanks Dave. Wow, a 10 year old. That would stretch my brain’s “openness” to broaden the ddx to Gonorrhoea! It was a lot of fun doing this case in the way that we did it with Casey. I think its a good formula for STC.

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