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Episode 23: Myths of the Physical Exam Part 1

July 26, 2017

Transillumination of the sinuses? shifting dullness? the puddle sign?

In this episode, we poke fun and debunk our favourite “useless” physical exam manoeuvres that we continue to teach our medical students.  We couldn’t cover all of them in one go, so stay tuned for more…

Try the app DxLogic on the iPhone to have a quick reference to the utility of many studied history features and physical exam manoeuvres.

Also, check out JAMA’s series of articles entitled “The Rational Clinical Exam“. Another great resource is Steven McGee’s book, “Evidence Based Physical Diagnosis“.

Finally, in reference to our previous episodes about Larry Weed and his Problem Knowledge Couplers, here’s the response from Larry and his son, Lincoln to some of the concerns we raised:

Larry, Lincoln Weed response


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