Episode 20: Medicine in Denial – Part 2 – An interview with Larry Weed

As promised, our latest episode brings you an interview with Dr. Larry Weed.  We hear from the man himself about his vision for a healthcare revolution.

We would love to hear from you about this episode.  Do you think we are doing things right? Or do you think the way we go about diagnosis is fundamentally wrong?

If you’d like to read the complete treatise on Dr. Weed’s vision for revolutionizing our health care and medical training systems, here’s a link to his book Medicine in Denial discussed in the podcast.

With regard to contacting the (US) National Library of Medicine to advocate for a ‘knowledge net’ as discussed by Dr. Weed and his son, Lincoln, Lincoln offers this: Thanks very much for offering to contact the new director of the National Library of Medicine.  She is Patricia Brennan, whose current email is patti.brennan@nih.gov.  Her training is in nursing and engineering, and she is not an MD — which may be a perfect background for recognizing the potential in Dr. Weed’s ideas.  See this interview with her, where she refers to “the Library’s sweet spot…and that is delivering information back to individuals…”