Episode 16 – feedback 2 – “end-of-run eval”

We decided to call this episode an “in-between-isode”, borrowing the term from the Tim Ferris show.  Its a short follow up continuing with our theme of feedback.  How do we provide an evaluation for a strong performer?  Does it help them to hear how great they are? Will it be a useful session? Will it help them improve even further?

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Episode 15: Feedback

In this episode we begin our foray into the topic of feedback.  You will hear us “worry out loud”,  together with our guest Dr. Chris Watling from the University of Western Ontario, about the difficulties in giving effective feedback to our trainees.

Several themes arise from our conversation.  Feedback needs to be specific, credible, and not soul-destroying (although ironically, we each shared some of our most traumatic feedback experiences as the most memorable, and influential, course-correcting moments).  How we give and receive feedback is not only dependent on the individuals involved, but also importantly on the culture of the discipline; medical training culture is different from musical training, different from athletic training.

Also, keep an “ear” out for our new segment, the BOM (Bias of the Month). Enjoy!


A few relevant and interesting articles by Dr. Chris Watling:

Learning culture and feedback: an international study of medical athletes and musicians.

Unfilled promise, untapped potential: Feedback at the crossroads.

Beyond individualism: professional culture and its influence on feedback.

Toward meaningful evaluation of medical trainees: the influence of participants’ perceptions of the process.

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