Episode 12: Compassion

What is compassion fatigue? Can you learn how to be more compassionate with your patients? We talk to Dr. Tony Fernando, psychiatrist, sleep specialist, educator and researcher, about compassion in healthcare, happiness, mindfulness, enlightenment, buddhist monks, and a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy!


Check out the University of Auckland CALM website- Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind, a resource founded by Dr. Tony Fernando and colleagues for medical students (and everyone else) to learn about mindfulness, mental resiliency, and managing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Here’s a very interesting, informative YouTube video by Tony on the science of happiness.

And here’s a great article from Stuff.co.nz about Tony and his work in the area of compassion and compassion fatigue.

If you’re interested in training your compassion muscles here’s a link to the Stanford University Compassion Cultivation Training and the Cognitively-Based Compassion Training at Emory University.

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