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Conversations to inspire critical thinking in clinical medicine and education

Welcome to IM Reasoning with your hosts Dr. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket, two general internists with a passion for teaching clinical reasoning.

Join us for case discussions, conversations and interviews that explore issues important to medical students, trainees and practitioners of clinical medicine, with a special focus on clinical reasoning, the once-mysterious process behind the remarkable abilities of the master clinician.

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  1. Michael Martin, MD, Rochester, New York says:

    Just discovered your podcast, and am really enjoying it! “Thinking Fast and Slow” has been sitting on my bookshelf and I may give it another go.
    I have long been a fan of the “vignette” in education. We used to have a regular “Bored Questions” segment in clinic at the SUNY Upstate Outpatient Clinic in Syracuse, New York. The master clinician (Walter W. Tunnessen) would write 4 small paragraphs on the blackboard (we had an actual blackboard, but it was green), and would invite us to speculate on the diagnoses. We were allowed to ask questions, which he might or might not answer. In the end the 4 diagnoses were revealed. It was an engaging way to encourage outside the box thinking.

    1. Nicolas Szecket says:

      Thanks for the feedback Michael. I certainly recommend dusting off that copy of Thinking Fast and Slow. It has lots to say about what we do in medicine. Love the “Board” Questions concept- sounds like it exercised the System 1 illness script muscles!

  2. Nick Gowen says:

    You need to make Chang (from Ep 32: STC with Chang) a regular contributor! Also thanks for a great discussion of what I think are the most useful cases to go over: atypical presentations of (relatively) common diseases.

    Keep up the good work,
    Nick (Little Rock, AR hospitalist)

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